BIS Ch. Wenrick's Care Bear ROM
A very solid foundation on which to build. Care Bear's
influence is in most of our pedigrees
Multi BIS Can/Am Ch.
Rustinwood's Happy Camper  
Camper, A Care Bear son, was a valuable asset
to our breeding program. A true gentleman,
always eager to please, and a joy to be around.
Multi BIS., BISS, Can/Am Ch.
Woodsmoke's Keep In Touch   
Can/Am  ROM
Touche was a charming, happy boy that
stamped his look and attitude on so many of our
dogs. He was a major influence in our pedigrees.
Ch. Wenrick's Top Man N'Rustinwood
Cooper has bestowed so many of our current residents with
his beautiful head and expression. His children have his
large lovely head and soft look.